How to Play Think of Me Chord on Guitar

“Think of Me” is a song from the musical “The Phantom of the Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. It is sung by the character Christine Daaé as she recalls her past love and hopes that he will remember her. The song is a beautiful ballad that showcases Christine’s vocal range and emotions.

If you want to learn how to play “Think of Me” on guitar, you will need to know some basic chords, strumming patterns, and fingerpicking techniques. Here are some steps to help you master this song:


Intro: D
D            A
Think of me, think of me fondly
G                   A7
When we've said goodbye
  D          A        
Remember me, once in a while
       G                  A7
Please promise me, you'll try

Bm                          F#7
When you'll find that once again you long
             Bm7               E7
To take your heart back and be free
          D           Bm
If you'll ever find a moment
A     G A       A7  D   (and fade)
Spare a thought for me

Enjoy, and please comment corrections and rate. :)

Learn the Strumming Pattern

The strumming pattern for this song is fairly simple and consistent throughout. You can use a down-down-up-up-down-up pattern for each chord. For example, for the D chord, you would strum down on the first beat, down on the second beat, up on the third beat, up on the fourth beat, down on the fifth beat, and up on the sixth beat. You can repeat this pattern for each chord in the song.

Learn the Fingerpicking Technique

If you want to add some more flair and complexity to your playing, you can also try to learn the fingerpicking technique for this song. This involves using your thumb, index finger, middle finger, and ring finger to pluck individual strings instead of strumming them. You can find some tutorials online that show you how to fingerpick this song or use a tablature app to help you. Fingerpicking can give you more control and expression over your playing and make it sound more like the original piano version.

Practice and Enjoy

The final step is to practice and enjoy playing this song. You can use a backing track or a karaoke app to sing along with your guitar or play it solo. You can also try to play it with different tempos, dynamics, and emotions to make it your own. Playing “Think of Me” on guitar can be a fun and rewarding experience that will impress your friends and family.


“Think of Me” is a beautiful song from “The Phantom of the Opera” that can be played on guitar with some basic chords, strumming patterns, and fingerpicking techniques. By following these steps, you can learn how to play this song and express your musicality and creativity. Remember to practice regularly and have fun playing this song.

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