How to Cancel a Return on Amazon

Sometimes, you may change your mind about returning an item you bought from Amazon. Maybe you found out that the item was not defective, or you decided to keep it as a gift. Whatever the reason, you can cancel a return request on Amazon as long as the item has not been shipped back to the seller. Here are the steps to do so:

Go to Your Orders

The first step is to go to your orders page on Amazon. You can do this by clicking on the “Returns & Orders” link at the top right corner of the website, or by going to [this link]. You will see a list of all your orders placed in the last 30 days.

Find the Order with the Item You Want to Cancel the Return

Next, you need to find the order that contains the item you want to cancel the return for. You can use the search bar or the filters to narrow down your results. Once you find the order, click on the “View return/refund status” button next to it.

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Cancel the Return Request

You will be taken to a page that shows the details of your return request, such as the reason, the refund amount, and the shipping label. If the item has not been shipped back to the seller yet, you will see a “Cancel this return” button at the bottom of the page. Click on it and confirm your decision.

Check Your Email for Confirmation

After you cancel your return request, you will receive an email from Amazon confirming your cancellation. You can also check your orders page again to see that the return status has changed to “Cancelled”. You can now keep or dispose of the item as you wish.


Cancelling a return on Amazon is easy and quick, as long as you do it before shipping the item back to the seller. You just need to go to your orders page, find the order with the item you want to cancel, and click on the “Cancel this return” button. You will receive an email confirmation and your refund will be reversed. However, if you have any questions or issues with your cancellation, you can always contact Amazon customer service for assistance.

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